Dragonfly Tai Chi

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Bill Wilkinson is a Chen Style Tai Chi Instructor in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire. He has studied for over 15 years under the direct tuition of Master Liming Yue in Manchester and has been teaching for over 10 years. He is a Senior Indoor Student of Master Liming Yue and an Indoor Student of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, who is 19th generation Chen family where this style began over 1000 years ago. Bill has been trained in Qi Gong by the Chinese Qi Gong for   Health Association. Bill is also a co-author of the comprehensive book on Chen Style “Tai Chi For Health”.DragonflyBill is a Full Instructor Member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. He currently holds classes locally in Lancashire where he teaches Qi Gong and Chen Style Tai Chi to very keen and eager students. The benefits that his students have experienced from a health and fitness perspective range from an improved sense of well-being to the improvement in some debilitating conditions such as asthma and hypertension.DragonflyBill started up his own Tai Chi company, “Dragonfly Tai Chi”, in January 2011 and plans to spread the positive practices and teachings of Chen Style Tai Chi to as many students as possible.